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American Girl Pleasant Company Samantha White Body

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American Girl Pleasant Company Samantha White Body Picture and Description:

 40312605834655050 American Girl Pleasant Company Samantha White Body

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE If you are unsure of the what some of these categories or phrases mean, scroll down to my “Guide to Understanding American Girl Dolls” Brand: American Girl: Pleasant Company Collection: Historical Dolls Character: Samantha Parkington Character’s Story: Samantha Parkington is a bright, compassionate girl living with her wealthy grandmother in 1904. It's an exciting time of change in America, and Samantha's world is filled with frills and finery, parties and play. But Samantha sees that times are not good for everybody. That's why she tries to make a difference in the life of her friend Nellie, a servant girl whose life is nothing like Samantha's! –Complete Guide to American Girl Doll Collecting, http://curtdanhauser.com/AG_Collecting/Main.html. Production Status: Retired Pre-Mattel: Yes Overall Condition: Very Good · Eyes: Open & close smoothly, no silver eye · Eye Lashes: The oldest kind, which curl like real lashes. Left eye is missing some lashes. See picture. · Wig: Original AG wig, ribbon bottom. The very oldest wig, where Samantha's hair color is a lighter brown. · Hair: Lovely, long, still with original curls. Soft and shiny · Limbs: Minor shiny marks. · Tightness: Restrung, Like New! Passes the 45 degree angle test. · Body Condition: Free of stains, tears, or odors · Body Color: Clean & White · Neck Strings Type: Flat · Neck Strings Length: Approx 3”Long · Neck Stamp: © Pleasant Company · Tag: No tag · X’s: No X · Artist’s Mark: No Buy From A Professional: Smoke-Free, Pet-Free EnvironmentFast Shipping! I Ship within One Business Day or Less!Packaged with Care, According to USPS GuidelinesI Specialize in American Girl Dolls100% Positive Feedback, Outstanding Reviews! Shipping: I ship immediately upon receiving your payment, no delays. Please let me know if you have a question before you pay for the item, since I ship so quickly! Domestic shipping receives a tracking number free of charge when using USPS. Dolls are typically shipped in a sitting position to save you money, since packages with dimension greater than 12” have an additional surcharge. Insurance: All items are UNINSURED unless you contact me before payment. If you do not pay for insurance and your item is damaged/lost in the mailing process, I cannot refund your money. This is a small business and I cannot afford to pay out of my own pocket for USPS’s mistakes. If it is due to my own mistake, then of course I will make restitution. Rates: http://www.usps.com/prices/insurance-prices.htm Combined Shipping: Yes, I combine shipping. Multi-item packages will have a packaging cost of $1.50 per additional item. This means that you pay the current USPS rate for shipping a package that contains all of your items based on its combined size and weight, plus the additional $1.50. For specifics, please contact me. International Bidders: International bidders, welcome! I have shipped overseas frequently, but note that I am not responsible for customs, duties, and tax fees. Longer shipping times are often experienced because of customs-related delays. Check with your country’s customs service to determine the guidelines and restrictions. First Class Priority Mail International is the cheapest (and slowest) but has a 4 lb restriction, and no insurance can be placed on the items. For more information, please contact me. 100% Customer Satisfaction: I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Please, contact me with any concerns or questions and I will respond promptly. I will go the extra mile to make you happy. I leave positive feedback for you and I hope to earn it from you in return! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eBay Sellers: Copying the format or any information on this listing is against eBay policy, and I will report you. Any replicated listings will be taken down and you will face severe disciplinary action. Guide to Understanding American Girl Dolls Collections: The American Girl Company has produced several different collections of dolls. Historical Dolls (Samantha, Kit, Kaya, etc.) are dolls set in a historical time period. Dolls of the Year (such as Lanie, Krissa, Marisol) are produced for only one year and are set in modern times. AG Dolls of the Year are sometimes referred to as Limited Edition Dolls of Today. Dolls of Today were introduced in 1995 and have since been revamped into Just Like You (JLY) dolls which are identical to the actual little girl who owns the doll. Production Status: Some dolls, particularly the older historical ones, are retired from production and are only available secondhand. Limited Edition Dolls of Today /Dolls of the Year are retired after the one year. A few Dolls of Today have been retired, too. Pre-Mattel v. Mattel: The original company was owned to Pleasant T. Rowland but she sold it in 1998 to Mattel (the producers of Barbie). Over time Mattel changed many aspects of the dolls, such as the thickness of the body, the shape of the face, the texture of the eyelashes, etc. Pre-Mattel dolls are considered to be far superior to Mattel dolls and are thus more valuable. Older dolls that have been sent to the Doll Hospital recently lose their value because they are replaced with Mattel parts. Parts of the Doll: · Eyes: “Silver Eye” is a condition where the “pupil” of the dolls eye becomes shiny and silvery due to excessive heat or moisture. It can be partial or complete, and can be in one eye or both. AG considers silver eye to be a manufacturer’s defect and will replace the eye(s), but you must pay for shipping. Also, they replace the eye(s) with ones with hard eyelashes, thus devaluing your doll if she is pre-Mattel with soft eyelashes. Proper eyes open and close without hesitation or sticking. · Eye Lashes: While it might seem silly at first, there really is a big difference in the softness of the eyelashes of the older dolls that make them more realistic and cuddlier. The very oldest dolls have only a few eyelashes of medium hardness, but were quickly replaced with ones with lots of soft lashes. Those, in turn, were recently replaced with lashes as hard as a rock and don’t necessarily match the doll’s hair color. · Wig: AG has used a variety of different wigs over the years. The very earliest dolls had very soft, shiny hair. Samantha’s in particular is noticeable because her hair is a few shades lighter. The wigs with “ribbon” underneath (i.e. the mesh cap goes farther down the neck than the lines of hair) are also older. Newer dolls have hair all the way down. Some dolls may have had the hair damaged or cut so they were rewigged. All dolls that I have rewigged will state so clearly. The wigs are made of the same material, match the original style & color as closely as possible, and come from a high quality (and expensive!) doll wig retailer. · Hair: It is not uncommon for little girls to cut off their doll’s hair. If the length is still acceptable then I sell it (noting the haircut); if not, I rewig it (see above). Keep in mind that several dolls do not come from the manufacturer with hair evenly cut. Kirsten, for example, comes with her pigtails cut bluntly, so that when her hair is let down the length will vary greatly. There will also be some short hairs in the middle of the back of her scalp, so she will not look like she has a bald spot when her hair is in pigtails. This is a good way to make sure a blond-haired blue-eyed doll is actually Kirsten and not a JLY doll. · Limbs: The limbs (and head) of an AG doll are vinyl, which means that they can develop small white marks and shiny rub spots during play. The white marks come off, but the shiny spots remain. They can only be seen in the light, are very minor, and par for the course when buying a secondhand vinyl doll. Sometimes the dye from a marker can be absorbed into the vinyl, which can be almost impossible to completely remove. The size, severity, and placement of these marks (if they exist) will be noted in the description. · Tightness: The limbs of the doll are held together with elastic cord, which stretches out or even breaks over time, making the limbs loose, unposable, unable to stand, or even detach. I restring all of the limbs that are not absolutely perfectly tight. This means that any doll you buy from me will have joints so tight they will be like new and last for several years. Some retailers try to skip the restringing process by tying elastic hair bands inside the doll, but this method is similar to duct-taping on a bumper to your car: it works, but it is unprofessional, not as effective in the short term, and will not last long-term. To determine if a doll is as tight as new, lay her on her back and place her limbs at a 45 degree angle. Her limbs should not move at all. If they slide back to the ground then her elastic is loose and she needs to be restrung. · Body Color: The first three historical dolls (Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha) had bodies originally made out of white muslin. They were replaced in 1991 with tan cloth due to the debut of Felicity, who wore lower-cut clothes, thus necessitating matching limb and cloth colors. White-bodied dolls are the most valuable of AG dolls. · Neck Strings Type: Neck strings are a great indication of the age of a doll. The oldest dolls had flat neck strings, more like a thin strip of cloth than cord. They were replaced with round cord in the mid-1990s. · Neck Strings Length: Really short neckstrings mean that they have been cut; they reduce the value of the doll and make it very difficult to make repairs. Dolls with no neck strings, who instead have a zip-tie, have been sent to the AG doll hospital and have a much lower value. · Neck Stamp: This identifies the doll as an American Girl doll. If the letters are uneven (i.e. like they were placed one-by-one, not with one large stamp) then the doll is very old. If the © is above the logo, then it is moderately old (but not the oldest or the newest). If there are numbers below the stamp, then the doll is relatively new. · Tag: If it has a tag and says Made in West Germany 1984, then the doll is very old and valuable. If the tag says Made in China 2008, then the doll is very recent. Note that the actual year on the tag does not indicate the year the doll was made, just the copyright. Having no tag is common, however. · X’s: Dolls that were rejected due to some deformity, sold secondhand from some retailers, or bought at the yearly sale all have a big X on their bottom. This greatly decreases the value of the doll. · Artist’s Mark: Behind the right ear of a doll may be a mark scratched into the vinyl that looks vaguely like a #e. This is an artist’s mark, and it increases the value of the doll. Valuable Doll Resources: http://www.agplaythings.com/HistoryOfAG/HistoryOfAG.html http://curtdanhauser.com/AG_Collecting/Main.html http://www.agdollresources.com/american_girl_doll_resources.htm If you find any inconsistencies or wrong information in this guide, send me a message and some sort of documentation (i.e. website or book) where the correct information can be found. eBay Sellers: Copying the format or any information on this listing is against eBay policy, and I will report you. Any replicated listings will be taken down and you will face severe disciplinary action.

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